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It's Complicated

"We are often our own demise and
I am becoming procrastination
You are so often so wrong about you and you don't even know it
Self-identified as particleboard, papier-mâché, duct taped
And you are wrong, and right, and confused
It's complicated, but so is a star
A flower, a quasar, a friendship, a marriage
May we be refuge for the complicated and
As for me, well, I have zipped up my emotions into this dusty duffel bag that I've aptly named poetry
And I'll be on my merry way as soon as my pride turns me loose
And unmangle the last morsel of manhood I could produce
Ma'am, I seem to have misplaced my confidence
Last place I've seen it, it was at the altar of your love and
It's complicated and
I am becoming... complicated

We may scratch ourselves raw to erase the image we were made in
Smoke, snort, sex or drown out the silence
We may waste our life savings on makeovers
To try to rhinoplast our daddy's nose away
But no nip, no tuck could cut away the s…

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