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7 Days... Alessia Cara

‘’Oh, Mr. Man upstairs
I know you're tuning in up there, way up there
Would you care to answer my question?
Oh, the land of our taste
The spectacle of cut and paste
That we've made
Would you say? Please say
It was worth the seven days
Don't touch the remote
It'll be back in a moment
We are not hopeless
We are just coping
The mayhem is rolling
But it ain't showbiz
Reality's potent
Chaotic, I know it
But we're growing
Have some hope in us
And were we worth all the time you gave us?’’ – 7 Days, Alessia Cara
Wow girl. I FEEL this. Sometimes I wonder what God’s up to, just looking down at us going all crazy. Your comparison of God’s watching us to a spectator of TV captures such a raw feeling. Like, ‘’what exactly do You think of us/’’ Between mass shootings and immigration wars, import tariffs and child abuse, global warming and conservation… We are a mess.
I really like the last verse to your song. ‘’Don’t touch the remote…’’ you beg. Like you’re trying to assur…

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