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Paradigm - Good Girls Going Bad

Today was strange. It was great, but yet completely unsatisfying. I kept making mistakes. Those stupid kind of mistakes that makes one wonder if they are ever capable of learning anything.
    It was late and I was getting ready for bed when a friend asked me how my day was. When I went to answer her I realized I felt ashamed for all those mistakes I had made. The half truthful answer about myself at school, the lack of self-control in my speech, the impatience I displayed in the evening. Ahh...The stress started to rise in my throat again. "I should be so much better than this by now. Why am I not perfect yet??"  Then words started to form in my mind:

Just because I know God Doesn't mean I've got all the answers. In fact, the very fact I know God shows I probably ran out of answers at some point. And like, good girls make mistakes too Like, we might not be out on the town but our hearts are lying, selfish, proud muscles, banging their rhythms into our lives. And…

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